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Our Value

Beautiful portraits are great, but we believe it’s the people and stories behind them that make it valuable.

As your photographer, we will bring you a session that is honest, bright, airy, and fun. To us, it’s important to capture not just beautiful portraits but the connection between you, your partner, and your family as you embrace the mood of the day!
MOthers day mini session sun and moon photography
The Photographer
Hello, I am Aveline!

I am a Sydney based storyteller through films and photographs. My passion of art and photography was mostly inspired by my parents' hobby of documenting their kids' lives through homemade videos and pictures.


My dad always had his huge camcorder to record me and my sisters’ childhood lives. My mom on the other side, loved dressing us up, making us looked stylish as ever. We always looked excitingly at the photos and videos once they were processed. We talked about what had happened that time, we laughed at how silly we were, and how fast we all grew up. Those keepsakes are the ones that remind me of my precious childhood moment and that's why I believe that it is important to document these priceless memories.

I love the way children’s eyes light up or the way their energy can light up the room. I especially love the interactions we have before, after, and even in between the sessions. My heart melts when babies smile or making funny faces at me in cafes. I love watching parents having a great time with their kids. The beauty of their moments never fail to inspire me to keep on taking their pictures.

Meeting new people has always been exciting for me. To me, whoever we meet is never a coincidence; we are meant to cross each other’s paths for a reason. That’s why I always embrace and cherish all the time I get with my clients, and hope that they have a memorable time with me just as I did with them. 

Almost a decade ago, I decided to pursue my passion for photography and it has been the best decision I have made so far. Well, besides deciding to marry my husband and moving to Sydney. But I guess, I’ll tell you that story later when we meet!

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